The Whispering Dwapara 2 : The Clash of Maharathis

By:- Rishi Shrivastava


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Asuras have grown into millions with three Maharathi warriors leading their army. Their guru Kalchakra has earned the infallible “Chandrahaas” sword of Lord Shiva, and has become unconquerable by any army or warrior in the universe. Vedgarh, on the other hand, is still drowned in the ocean of misfortunes. Guru Drona is on his deathbed, lord Bhishma is struggling to find his identity, crown prince Arnesh is dead, and the kingdom is cursed with a blind and crippled king who is mad behind power. Diplomacy and deceit have paralyzed the kingdom’s decision-making process. There is no army, no allies, and no young warrior capable of leading the army in the battlefield. The most promising young warriors in the kingdom are Partha and Pawan. But Partha is clueless after his failed Brahmastra quest, and Pawan is an absconded prisoner hiding in the woods. The third warrior, Maharathi Chitra, is unacceptable to Vedgarh’s royal council and the society as she is the arrogant bastard girl of king Devrata. The kingdom is still waiting for its Maharathi warriors to face the asuras in the war. The research on sonic celestial weapons is still ongoing under Prof. Krishnan’s guidance, and Major Singh is training Vedgarh’s army with modern fighting techniques. But is this sufficient to defeat the Asuras? It’s the time to witness the saga built around ancient vedic powers and modern scientific miracles, to see the rise and fall of the greatest warriors of Vedgarh’s history, and to witness the greatest clash of Maharathis on the battleground of Vedgarh. Will the humans survive? Or will the universe get drowned in the Asurai darkness forever?



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Language : English

Publisher : PaperTowns

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 300

ISBN : 978-9394670655

Country Origin : India

Publish Date : 2023-04-13

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