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We all fear pain. Not the one which makes us bleed, but the inner one, the one which turns us Hollow. But pain has its power too. The one who has suffered loses and severe pain is the only one to have a powerful gift, the gift of humanity. Envious, the God of destiny and serephine angel, the goddess of fate and time gives birth to the most powerful fairy. Serephine wanted her daughter to grow in the presence of her tender love and care, but envious wanted her to be the most powerful fairy. He also knew without suffering, she cannot be the most powerful one. So he sends her on Earth to live the journey of pain and losses. Will Eva, ever understand what power she possesses? Who is she? What is her purpose on Earth? And is pain making her powerful or weak? That’s what this part is all about.



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Language : English

Publisher : PaperTowns

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 148

ISBN : 978-9387131583

Country Origin : India

Publish Date : 2020-01-01

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