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What is editing and why it is important

Editing is honing the book and putting a little makeup on. One of the most important aspects of a book is how it is edited. It’s butter to the bread, sunlight to the plants. Our expertise in editing is unparalleled, with multiple kinds of editing being provided to you, including basic proofreading, copywriting, extensive, and substantial editing. Our team of editors will work with you and help you in the form of suggestions, both contextually and creatively, based on your need

Different types\ pricing


Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in a text before it is published or shared. It is the very last stage of the writing process, when you fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues and inconsistencies.

Copy Editing

This is the most basic form of editing. This will require us to check if there are any grammatical or punctuation mistakes in your text. The only difference between copy editing and proofreading is: Copy editor points out what the author missed. Proofreader points out what the copy editor missed.

Comprehensive Editing

One of the most important forms of editing, this is the need of the hour to make a book look extraordinary. In comprehensive editing, our editors will sit with you and discuss the content in detail. The editing process will then begin on both, contextual and structural ends. This is a rigorous form of editing, and the author is always in touch with the editor for regular changes made.


Comprehensive\Substantive - 60paise\word - sentence\paragraph rewriting, basic & advanced grammar check, content re-ordering\ restructuring, suggestions on narration, plot checking, removing inconsistencies etc.

Copy-editing - 40 paise\word - sentence construction, punctuation, spelling & grammar, consistency etc

Proof-reading - 20 paise\word - grammar & spelling

Cover Design

What makes a cover good

Cover is the first thing readers set their eyes upon, when they are in search of a new book. A well-put cover can change the entire aspect of the book, and give it a whole new course. A good cover essentially transmits the story into a single page through art.

How to look for ideas

Once the author is done with writing the book, and the editor has finished working on it, the cover designing process begins. There are several ideas that can be garnered from the internet, some vague images from the mind put into paper, that can then be turned into reality by a well-educated cover designer that knows their job.

How much time does it take

Designing a cover is an intricate process, and can take anywhere from a week to 4 weeks.

What not to do while designing the cover

One should never rush into it. The worst thing one can do is design a cover that misguides the readers about what the book is essentially about. Because a cover brings hope, expectations, and a challenge to rise up to it.

Different types of covers

We design various covers for fictional and non-fictional books. These covers vary with design, and are subject to what the author demands and requires. Below, you can see a range of the covers that we have designed. (Add link below)


The pricing of covers usually depends on how much work is required in the making of it. It can vary from very little to a lot. So, we suggest that you give us a call, and our experts will be ready to have a discussion with you to come to the best solution.

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Internal Design

What is typeset

Typesetting is the way that text is composed using individual types — the symbols, letters, and glyphs in digital systems. It’s a crucial part of the world of design that requires an understanding of fonts, corresponding font sizes, and line spacing.

How a good typeset makes the difference

Good typesetting and typography is invisible — it allows readers to enjoy the font without interruption. Bad typesetting draws attention to itself and distracts a reader. It’s like driving down a road. If it’s well paved, nobody notices and everyone enjoys the ride. But if the road is pocked with potholes, it can’t be ignored.


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Why marketing is required

There is so much effort that goes into writing a book, that it becomes tiresome once you are finished with the entire process. Usually, we get so immersed in the writing and research process that we leave very little space for any other thoughts to cross our mind, even when they might be necessary for the very book that we have been writing for so long. This is where marketing comes in. In today’s world, marketing your book has to be your number one priority.

Different types

Marketing can be done in a variety of ways. Some known ways are:

  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram posts
  • Verified Amazon and Goodread Reviews
  • Blog posts
  • Author interviews
  • Current reads and Book reviews

In the process of self publishing, marketing usually takes a side step, which it shouldn’t. This is where we come in. Our expertise in marketing helps us stand out of the crowd. We help you strategize and analyze your next steps with utmost care and knowledge.

How to do it on your own

Take expert help and schedule a call

If you feel like you’re lost and do not know how to continue, schedule a call with our experts and we will guide you how to move forward with the best marketing plan that your book deserves.


India paperback distribution

Why paperback distribution is important

Paperback format is still widely regarded as the most popular form of reading throughout the world. The feeling of having a book in your hands is unmatched. Although kindle is slowly and steadily becoming the format that one desires, we strongly suggest our authors go for paperbacks if they want to make their book a bestseller across the world.

What channels are covered

Flipkart and Amazon

How much royalty is paid

Can direct them with a link to the royalty calculator (Add link here)


One time set up cost of Rs. 2000

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