Earn 100% Profits as Author Royalty

We simplify publishing and guide you throughout the process. Know the cost of your book along with the best selling prince and author royalty. Get your book published and receive 100% author royalty on profit of every book sold.

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*This is the price at which you can purchase your own book. The minimum number of Copies per order is 20.

Author’s Earning Calculator

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*Profits calculated here are nearest indicators and actual profit may slightly differ.

Frequently Asked Questions !

All these numbers are calculated carefully to provide actual costs. However,

Suggested selling price is the minimum selling price at which the books must be sold.

There is no set formula for this. It depends on the book, customer sentiment, and the author. However, our consultants can help you find the sweet spot.

Royalty is transferred via NEFT transactions to the author’s bank account every month.

Royalties are paid on a monthly basis. There is no minimum threshold. So it does not matter if you sell 1 copy or 1000 copies, you would get your royalty every month.

Royalties & author profits are calculated on the selling price.

Author receives 100% profits from the sales of their book.
Calculations of profit: Profit = MRP – Expenses (Production Cost + Distribution Charges + Marketplace commission)
Author’s Royalty = 100% Share of Profit.

Usually, it takes around 5-7 days to print and another 3-4 days in courier.

Royalties are not paid on author copies as those copies are provided to the authors at production cost itself, and not at the MRP.