The Affair

By:- Ritiqa Pachauri


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Ananya is a devoted daughter who is focused on her career who wants to make big in the field of mass communication. Kabir is one of the most successful news editors in the country but struggles with his past and present. Suraj has a promising future at Channel 10, but will he actually last long in that world? What happens when their lives become entangled with each other? A story with all shades of human emotions. From laughter to jealousy, from love to hatred, the story has many twists and turns with all three protagonists trying to wade through life. A story straight from the author's heart, it will surely touch a chord with the reader.

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Language : English

Publisher : PaperTowns

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 140

ISBN : 978-9391228644

Country Origin : India

Publish Date : 2022-01-01

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