By:- Anisha Gupta


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About the book:

A collection of poems on boundless themes ranging from Self-Love, Mental Health, Hope to Women Taboos, Capacity, and Unrequited Love.

It’s the way my eyes swallowed the solitude,

And wheeze at the sight of someone trying to

Explore the black hole inside.


Celestia is a book that takes the reader through a journey of triumph over the bounds of society and their own mind, at the same time appreciating the beauty of the subtle life this world offers us.

This is a travel of development from ashes to a phoenix undertaken by both, the poetess and readers, hand in hand. The synonymity of the experiences of the readers and the exquisite pearls of words sewn by the poetess into a newly built castle in a galaxy far away and a haven they live in together is a life they create for themselves.

This book provides a great experience of retrospection in one’s life and acceptance of all mood shifts or emotions. It gives readers the time they require for themselves out of this hustle culture of life, while still feeling on top of the world by breathing in all that’s exciting in life.

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Language : English

Publisher : PaperTowns

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 138

ISBN : 978-93-94670-280

Country Origin : India

Publish Date : 2022-09-08

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