A Trickling Heart - Journey to a heart brimming with love

By:- Arpita Gajria (Arsh)

A Trickling Heart - Journey to a heart brimming with love


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This book is a heart-stirring collection of poems that delves into the depths of love and all its nuances. From the initial attraction to the inevitable heartbreak and healing, it explores the idea that true love is eternal and transcends time and space. The author takes the reader on a journey through the complete cycle of love, offering a refreshing perspective on the complexities of relationships. This is not just a book for those currently in love, but for anyone who has ever experienced the powerful emotions that come with it. So curl up with your favorite drink and let these poems transport you to the heights and depths of love.

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Language : English

Publisher : PaperTowns

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 142

ISBN : 978-9394670624

Country Origin : India

Publish Date : 2023-01-31

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