That’ll Be Our Song

By:- Snehil Niharika


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"A romantic standalone. If you're looking For a cosy Winter read, That'll Be Our Song is hot chocolate and A jumper. -"The Times of India

"That'll Be Our Song is Deeply sensitive towards those who hover between fantasy and reality"- Outlook "The first instalment of Snehil Niharika's, That'll Be Our Song is what a reader may like in a contemporary romance-fun, addictive and promising."-The Pioneer

"That'll Be Our Song is well written and has a brilliant storyline that reminds us to dream, fall in love, and embrace vulnerabilities."- Mid-day

"That'll Be Our Song is Delightful. Clever. Playful. Funny. Exuberant. Sharp."-DD News

"That'll Be Our Song is the story of delusional Arya, who is fond of falling in love and finding stories whenever life gets hard on her. As in the past she never personally reached out to her crushes. Arya would rather text-bombard them on the internet, and then write a book about them, sitting in her room, never having to to face them in the real life.

But one winter, one terrible and wonderful year, Arya runs into her old internet crush, Siddhartha, causing her to deal with her behind the screen past, face to face-A Book! Five hundred texts, three love letters, a mix tape, past love and vulnerabilities. It certainly turns out to be embarrassing, heartbreaking, and almost a complete disaster..."

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Language : English

Publisher : PaperTowns

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 320

ISBN : 978-9394670587

Country Origin : India

Publish Date : 2023-02-14

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