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‘Letters to Your Younger Self’ Anthology Submissions!

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and advise a younger version of yourself? Your chance is now! We are introducing the “Letters to your Younger Self” anthology in collaboration with The Bookoholics in order to encourage and uplift readers from all walks of life through your letters. We want YOU to be a part of our anthology.

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Cost-effective Book Formatting & Typesetting Services!

Before a book is sent out to be printed, it undergoes a pre-press production. Typesetting is used to maintain a fine balance bringing refinement to the printed manuscript. 

If you’re an author seeking professional guidance to turn your manuscript into a fine-polished print-ready book, we are here to help you out. Paper Towns works with an experienced team who works beyond to meet your requirements and needs. With each book, comes a different challenge, and we are ready to provide the best outcome for each one of them.

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10 Self-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

Writing a book is hard, and so is publishing. You might have approached traditional houses and faced multiple rejections. It’s okay. Happens to most of us. It’s a hard world out there. Now, you have decided to self-publish. I hope you have read up on what all self-publishing includes and how it works. Assuming that, let me tell you the self-publishing mistakes to avoid unless you want to see your book fail (Obviously, no one wants that. So pay attention)

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What is Book Editing, and Why is it Important

Once you finish your book and put the two most satisfying words, ‘The End,’ after toiling for months, there’s another beginning. It’s called Editing. The most crucial and heart-breaking process for authors. But at the same time, it’s something your book can’t survive without. Writing without Editing is like getting dressed in the dark and stepping out of the house without checking your reflection. Even if you do look down, you will never get the full perspective of how you look.

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