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Archives June 2023

‘Letters to Your Younger Self’ Anthology Submissions!

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and advise a younger version of yourself? Your chance is now! We are introducing the “Letters to your Younger Self” anthology in collaboration with The Bookoholics in order to encourage and uplift readers from all walks of life through your letters. We want YOU to be a part of our anthology.

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How Can I Exhibit My Book at the World Book Fair, New Delhi 2024

The New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF), which has been taking place for the past 50 years, is a significant publishing industry occasion. The NDWBF 2024 event will take place at the recently built Halls 2-6 at the conveniently placed Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from February 10 to February 18, 2024. The National Book Trust of India (a department of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Education) is in charge of organising the fair.

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How to Write a Poetry Book

Writing a book of poetry can be a wonderful opportunity to share your creativity and use words to convey your thoughts and feelings. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Select a theme or topic: To get started, choose the theme or subject you wish to include in your poetry collection. This could be a social issue, a personal experience, a particular feeling, or anything else that motivates you.

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How to write a children’s book

Children’s book writing can be enjoyable and fulfilling, but it calls for a certain technique and awareness of your readership. Here are some general pointers for authors of children’s books to bear in mind:

Select your target age group: Before you begin writing a children’s book, it’s crucial to decide on the age range you want to write for. Children’s books can have a wide range of target audiences. Depending on the age of your readers, you will employ different language and themes.

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